Have you ever stopped before a beautiful house, stopped and wonder?

Somehow like this I love architecture .... and design.

But before more or less one year I had no idea what I can do in my life...​

I was working like a graphical designer as a gap year after years of full-time job architecture companies. And yes, I liked graphical design, but I felt that this is not the right job for me.

I really liked and till today I like painting, sketching and drawing. And at that time I was still quite enough tired from the previous job. To be honest also a little disappointed by the people.

In tha last year, I traveled a lot. From Milano to Prague and back. Mostly the on-hour flight was not so interesting and I learned to take everytime one book to read.

And then during one flight, I think it was in May 2019, two men sit besides me. They were traveling to Prague for bussines.

After few moments, one of them asked me, what kind of book am I reading and we were talking a little about that book.

At the end he asked me, what is my dream. We were speaking about the law of attraction, resonance


I was thinking a little and then I told him, that I would like to make a lot of money. He said: So you will have it.

But, actually, I correct myself later, I would like to make a lot of money by something which I really like to do. I would like to design big hotels, skyscapers, beautiful villas and interior design.

And he, with such a calm confidence, that I was wondering, told: that  the God(Universe, whole energy) will fulfil my dream.

In that moment I told myself: Ok, thats great, universe will fulfill it for me, I can be calm.

And then he said: "Yes, he will fulfill it for you, and if not tthen he will give you something wich is even better, what you cannot imagine in this moment.“

And I was just saing yes, that this is true.
I knew this, but all the time, it was just in my head, I never felt that this could be true.
That moment I heard it for the first time. First time when somebody was saying it with such a calm confidence.

Alright, I told to myself.

If it will become true for me, so what, I will go to try it, I will not just sit here.

So I took the telephone and I called few people, and some people called me by themself.

And from this were created two projects of interior design.
And later, during the summer, one woman called me by herself.

She found my contact on internet.

All of those three clients were happy from the beginning, with wow effect right after first presentation.

And all of them wanted to realize the projects as soon as ppossible.

And now, after 3 realizations they are still happy with the project and also with new interior design in their homes.

And yes , from this point, one year after, I am telling myself, it was not complicated.

But If I look back, it was really not hard to take tha phone and call people.

The hardest part was to believe,
that I can.

That I can have my clients and I can do what I like, I can make the design of interiors and in close future also architecture...

Like, yes, this story is exactly that same and boring cliché, which you can hear on internet from every motivation coach.


But try to do what you love to do and you will see, you will be also enthusiastic and share your story with others.


How universe works so nicely, when you believe and wish honestly from your heart.

That after it is acttually easy, to have satisfied clients and beautiful realization from every project.

Have a beautiful day,



And what else about me?

i love traveling

"I like to travel, getting to know architecture of different countries and cultures.

And until I am in a different country, I cannot imagine the life in it, feel the energy of the place and people."

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

and meditation

" Everything what we are is created from our mind.

- Dhammapada

If somebody would ask me, Leila, why, what you do? How comes that you are able to do what you like (and have money from it)?


and then i would just say .... meditation


It gives me so much of energy, inspiration, and happiness from inside me, taht I dont have to search it outside.